Mailing Service

Do you need mailing service? Proxprint provides our customer a reliable, fast, affordable and convenient mailing service for brochure, postcard, greeting card, newsletter and booklet.

Our mailing service includes CASS certification, inkjet addressing, postal presorting, and drop off at post office with the postage option that fits your needs. With this mailing service, you will enjoy following benefits.

  • One-stop solution for printing and mailing.
  • Save time and money for shipping printed products to a third-party directly.
  • CASS Certification. We will CASS certify your list to ensure that address are valid. We also remove duplicate addresses so that you only pay what mailed.

Mailing Service Terms & Condition:

Mailing List:
Customer's mailing list(s) will not be sold or offered to any other party while in the possession of Promotion Xpress DBA Akido Printing, Inc. All Mailing List(s) is the exclusive property of the customer and shall be used only with customer's instructions. Promotion Xpress will not utilize the customer's list for any other purpose.

Shipping & Postal Delivery Times:
Promotion Xpress has no control over the U.S. Postal Service, United Parcel Service or any other common carriers' delivery schedules and cannot guarantee when mail or shipments deposited with or released to these carriers will be delivered. All delivery dates are estimate. Promotion Xpress is not responsible for delays caused by the US Postal Service, United Parcel Service or any other carriers.

Promotion Xpress's responsibility is limited to preparing your mailing and completing delivery to the U.S. Postal Service. Promotion Xpress responsibility ends when the job is delivered to the Oakland, California Business Mail Entry.

Errors in Mailing:
Promotion Xpress will be liable only to the extent of remailing a correction or corrected job as soon as possible to rectify the mistake. Damages will be limited to the value of the work performed. Promotion Xpress is not responsible for loss of business; incidental or consequential damages; or costs in excess of billing for services related to the specific job.

The customer will defend and hold Promotion Xpress harmless in any suit or court action brought against Promotion Xpress by others for alleged damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees), liabilities or losses resulting from circumstances where Promotion Xpress, acting as the customer's agent, uses copy, photographs, or illustrations that are believed by others to be degrading, libelous or harmful to their reputations, images, or standing in the community or which in Promotion Xpress's sole judgment is an infringement on a trademark, or trade name, or service mark, or copyright belonging to others, or in a suit or court action brought against Promotion Xpress for actions of the customer's employees which may occur as a result of any mailing.


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